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Drughub is from the team behind the legendary White House Market, which retired peacefully in November 2022 after spending a year as the world's largest darknet market. We have carried forward all of the security features seen on White House Market, and combined them with a brand new interface and other touches which aim to provide all our users with the best possible experience. Read on to learn more about Drughub.

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In order to ensure the security and anonymity of all users, Drughub is ONLY available on the darknet via the Tor Network. DO NOT use clearnet links, these will always be phishing sites or honeypots.

Download the Tor Browser

What Does Drughub Have To Offer?

We offer thousands of product listings from the world's largest and most reputable darknet vendors, all of whom have been carefully vetted by us before they can trade on our platform. Although our name is Drughub, we don't just sell drugs. You can also purchase online business goods, software, services, forgeries / counterfeits, and defense / counter intelligence equipment.

Some of the key features of Drughub Market include:

  • Passwordless login. No usernames or passwords to remember, all you need is access to your PGP key.

  • Invoice based payments, market wallet used only for refunds

  • Shopping Cart, place many orders pay only once.

  • Customer pays market commission. This is de facto on any market because vendors add market commission on top of their product price, we are just being open about it. Standard commission is 5%, it can go lower or higher based on certain factors including but not limited to your account activity and volume.

  • Enforced end to end encryption except for generic or system messages. Unless an order is disputed (in which case you will need to also encrypt with a staff key) you only encrypt with vendor (or customer) key so nobody can read your messages. If servers get seized plaintext cannot be recovered.

  • No hot wallets on servers to protect against seizures or hacks. Withdrawals are processed within 24 hours.

  • Automated support system, most issues can be solved / clarified without waiting for staff.

  • With every new order copies of listing description and refund/reship policy are saved and used if a dispute is opened to prevent "bait and switch". Disputes will be settled according to the original description and refund/reship policy even if vendor changes them after the fact.

Getting Started On Drughub

Upon entering DrugHub, you will encounter a Captcha challenge designed to verify your human identity. Within this challenge, a transparent circle will be displayed. You will need to align the top circle layer with the bottom layer before the Captcha timeout bar is completely depleted. Then, simply click the continue button in order to gain access to the marketplace.

Drughub Captcha

You can freely browse Drughub without the need for an account to see product listings and vendor information. However, if you wish to message a vendor or place an order, you'll need to complete the registration process as a customer on Drug Hub. It is necessary to possess a PGP key which will grant you access to the market. If you are not familiar with using PGP encryption, we recommend reading this guide. To proceed, simply insert your PGP key in the designated box on the registration page and then click on the "continue" button. Subsequently, a PGP encrypted message shall be displayed on the subsequent page.

Drughub PGP Registration

You can then retrieve the PGP encrypted message from the designated code box provided on the subsequent page and proceed to paste it into your PGP client. After decrypting the code, you will notice that it commences with the prefix "DRUG_HUB_BUYER_REGISTRATION_yourcodehere." To verify and finalize the registration process on the market, select the "continue" option.

The username will solely serve as an identifier for vendors and will not be utilized for logging in. Once the preferred username has been entered, select the "continue" button in order to finalize the registration process.

Once you're registered, all you need to do is login. To do this, simply copy and paste your PGP Public Key in the designated code box and select a Session timeout duration. The session timeout setting determines the period after which you will be prompted to reauthenticate to the Market. If you opt for a Session timeout of 12 hours, you will remain logged in for the entire duration unless you choose to log out manually. Click on "Continue" to obtain your PGP validation message on the subsequent page. PGP Validation can be further referenced in the aforementioned steps. The validation code for Sign in will commence with DRUG_HUB_BUYER_SIGNIN_yourcode.

Drughub PGP Login

Once you're in, you'll see that the main body of the screen consists of tiles arranged in columns of two. Each tile provides detailed product information including an image, title, category and subcategory, price, payment options (escrow or FE), shipping details (from and to locations), vendor name, vendor feedback score, and stock availability.

Drughub Market Home

Located at the top of the screen is the main Navigational Menu which offers several tabs including Invoices, Orders, Vendor Chats, Support, PGP, Notifications, Shopping Cart, XMR Wallet, and Profile Settings. Note that the wallet is only for withdrawals. Any refunds or won disputes will be paid into this wallet. You don't need to send any funds to Drughub Market until you're at the checkout. Keep reading for more information.

Searching For Products On DrugHub Market

We make it easy to find the products you're looking for. You can either search according to categories, which can be found on the left hand of the screen, or by entering terms into the search bar, located above the tiled listings. This function offers both Simple Search and Advanced Search options.

Adjacent to the search function is a sorting feature that allows users to filter results based on various criteria. These include sorting by newest to oldest, oldest to newest, lowest price to highest price, highest price to lowest price, vendor rating, and listing views. Using the Simple Search from the top you can enter your search phrase and press Simple Search to be shown the results. The Advanced Search provides additional parameters which can be set using the additional options displayed.

Drughub Advanced Search

Purchasing Products on Drughub

The product listing page includes a comprehensive set of information that requires careful attention. This information includes the listing title, refund policy, price in both fiat and Monero (XMR), listing type (either escrow or Finalize Early), no. of listing views, stock availability, shipping to/from locations, listing sales, dispute resolution outcomes (wins/losses), and the status of open orders (disputed or open). This ensures you have all the information needed to make a well informed purchase.

Drughub Product Listing

In addition to these details, the ordering options section encompasses shipping options, order quantity, and bulk quantity settings. This is followed by product images, as well as buttons for contacting the vendor, reporting the listing, adding it to favorites, and adding it to the cart. If you click on the vendor's name, you can see more detailed information about their entire product range, including reviews.

Drughub Vendor

Once all the applicable listing options have been selected, you can press the "Add to cart" button. This allows you to either proceed with the immediate purchase of the product or add additional products to the cart. This convenient feature enables you to pay for multiple orders within a single transaction.

If you have chosen the "Add to cart" option for a specific listing and have proceeded to place an order, you will be presented with a screen that resembles the one depicted above. This screen provides comprehensive details regarding your order, including the PGP key of the seller. It is imperative to encrypt your order information using this specific PGP key and then paste the resulting encrypted output back into the designated Order message box. In case your cart includes multiple items from various vendors, you must repeat this process for each individual key. Upon completion, you can proceed to the Payment page by clicking on the "Continue" button.

To ensure a successful transaction, please remit the precise amount of XMR indicated in the designated red area. The address for the payment will be signed with Drughub's official PGP key so you can verify its legitimacy. You will then have 60 minutes to send payment, otherwise your order will be cancelled. Don't worry if your payment is sent late, your funds will simply be added to your Drughub Market wallet instead.

Drughub Customer Rules

  • No harassment of staff or vendors.
  • No false reports of vendor / listings.
  • No attempted impersonation of vendors or staff.
  • No business to or from Russian Federation and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).
  • No sale of information on businesses or individuals from Russian Federation and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).
  • No sharing of personal / sensitive information (doxxing). Note: Tracking numbers are sensitive information.
  • You must not try to circumvent any restrictions that may be placed on your account.
  • No sales of weapons, poisons, fent, adult material, stolen data involving schools, hospitals or law enforcement, tutorials or guides, get rich quick schemes.
  • No exchanging off-market contact information through platforms such as Telegram or Signal.
  • Use common sense.

Any rule violation will be handled on case by case basis and may result in a warning, a fine or a permanent ban from Drughub.

If you value your privacy and security and agree to abide by our rules, we very much look forward to welcoming you to Drughub Market very soon. We truly believe Drughub will become the world's number 1 darknet market, just as White House Market was.

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